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The database is hanging randomly (with some leniency I would say almost each hour). Top session is:

select privilege#
from sysauth$
where (grantee#=:1 or grantee#=1) and privilege#>0
select /*+ connect_by_filtering */ privilege#, level
from sysauth$ connect by grantee#=prior privilege# and privilege#>0 
start with grantee#=:1 and privilege#>0

In ash I saw these top wait events:high concurrency on event library cache: mutex X and latch: shared pool

This problem occurred after upgrading from to

These queries are almost always in top sessions but the wait event when the database is not hanging is CPU. In they didn't appear. We are using DRCP.

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going to post it also in serverfault, but it should apply in both, might be something the code is generating against the new version, or the new version by itself – capi Jan 6 '12 at 13:26
@capi Please don't cross post, you can flag for migration – Sathya Jan 6 '12 at 14:56
select privilege#
from sysauth$
where (grantee#=:1 or grantee#=1) and privilege#>0

That SQL is executed as a user authenticates to the database upon login. This is mentioned in support doc 730066.1

Is there a storm of logins happening periodically?

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