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I am trying to make my audit files easier to read, I have audit trail configured as xml,extended. The problem is that if my server gets busy and reuses the pids - the logs are being appended to the same file.

I understand that there is a way to create a new file with suffixes if the audit file already exists. How can I do that? I use Oracle

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Is that – Leigh Riffel Feb 4 '11 at 15:52

There doesn't seem to be any reference to being able to directly manipulate the audit file names in 10g. The closest thing I found is Bug 6023472 which lists the following changes introduced in

  • OS/XML Audit filenames will have a filename format of the form: <InstanceName>_<ProcessName>_<ProcessID>_<SerialNo>.<Extension>
  • The default value for Max Audit FileSize is 1000KB and Max Audit File Age is 1 Day. This means that once one of these max limits are reached, the audit records will be written in a new audit file with same "<InstanceName>_<ProcessName>_<ProcessID>_" part, but with a new "<SerialNo>".

I'm not sure how Oracle assigns PIDs, but you could try increasing your PROCESSES parameter to see if that keeps it from re-using the values as quickly.

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I hope this capability does exist and I just wasn't able to find it. – Leigh Riffel Feb 4 '11 at 15:51

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