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I have database with Collation Arabic_CI_AS

when I have windows with English settings I can do

select Column from Table where Column= 'A'

and can do

select column from table where column= 'A'

I mean the naming is not case sensitive

In Turkish windows

if any of the names not as named in the DB it raise error in my windows application

I mean that in Turkish windows the names must be case sensitive

any idea to explain that and how to solve it such that I don't face it again in any language settings

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I did the update – AMH Jan 12 '12 at 15:44

You need to write your application and test it on a case sensitive server, there is no workaround. Asking all your customers to deploy on case insensitive server collations is not the answer. Fix your code, don't break your customers.

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SQL Server will treat SQL scripts as being case sensitive if the database has a case sensitive collation. I know one outfit that uses something like Polish binary in a test environment specifically to test for this.

As to why your Arabic collation is treating latin characters as case sensitive, I'm not sure.

EDIT: What is the default server collation - is the default collation case sensitive or binary?

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