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I have a database of servers and some servers were entered with the fully qualified domain name. I want to rename all of these. However, in some instances the server has been entered both ways. For instance, and servername. When I run my query below, these cause an error because of course that column can only contain unique records.

UPDATE ServerData
SET    ServerName = replace(ServerName, '', '')
WHERE  ServerName LIKE '';

Error "Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.ServerData' with unique index 'UK_ServerData'."

How can I modify the query to simply ignore records that would generate an error so I can deal with them individually later?

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This will check to make sure the value you are writing doesn't already exist in that field:

SET    ServerName = replace(ServerName, '', '')
FROM serverdata S
WHERE  ServerName LIKE ''
                FROM serverdata s2
                WHERE s2.servername = <> replace(s1.ServerName, '', ''))
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I didn't use your answer exactly, but the "FROM serverdata S" helped fix the query I had developed. Thanks! – Devil's Advocate Jan 17 '12 at 16:53

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