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I have a voting application. This voting process takes about 3 hours to complete. After 3 hours there will be 2 millions of records in the database. At the same time application needs to query the current data. The number of votes when close to 1 million, application takes about 15min to query the current data.

I'm using MySql under Linux. There are 7 columns in the main table and there are different kind of queries to show the data and generate reports. It works well up to 1 million of records. Now I create reports every 5 minutes and, when request a report from GUI, just dump the latest report.

So what kind of a database I should use or solution for this?

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You could use anything. Your requirements aren't specific enough to narrow it down to an appropriate platform. What database systems are you most comfortable with? Do you need ACID guarantees? Is your data suitable for normalization? –  Nick Chammas Jan 18 '12 at 20:31