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Is there a way to monitor the progress of the creation of an index in PostgreSQL. I am creating an index on a large table and I would like to see how fast this is occurring.

Is there a way to monitor this?

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if you are using psql, you should try \timing – sftsz Jan 23 '12 at 12:26

So, there is no good way to do it, but if you really need to know... first calculate the amount of space the index should take, based on data size * rows + overhead. You can then use something like pfiles or pgtruss to find the files that are being written inside $PGDATA; if your indexes are over 1GB, it will be a series of files like nnnnn.n, where the first set of n's is consistent, and the last n increments for each GB file. Once you know how many files are created, you can watch the growth and figure out how close you are to finishing. Rough estimate, but maybe it helps.

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No, there isn't, even if you are building it in CONCURRENT mode. Although in the past I have kept on eye on the size of the file in the database directory, this isn't really useful since you can only guess how large it is going to be.

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