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I need to deploy my application with SQL Server Express. There is a way of installing sql express using a configuration file so that when deploying my application it appears as if I am only installing one thing and make it easier for the user installing the software. Anyways here are the steps:

Step 1)

Create the configuration file: enter image description here

Step 2)

Place the Setup.exe (SQL Server 2008 R2 Express) file next to the configuration file. I place both files at the root of my c drive for simplicity

Step 3)

Execute the setup.exe passing the parameters: enter image description here

I been getting a lot of errors. Can someone show me how can I have a configuration file in order to install sql server express edition with the administrator as the main user.I don't want the user installing the application to have to go throughout that trouble. I found a nice link that teaches you how to create a configuration file in here but I still am not able to do it. I am using windows xp 32 bit. I managed to installed it on the virtual machine manually. I will like to be able to install sql server express from the command line or with a configuration file.

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Unfortunately, you cannot install SQL Express without Administrator rights on the machine and it's not something you can set in the config file or on the command line. If being able to install without Administrator rights is a requirement, you may want to investigate using SQL Server Compact Edition.

See the following MSDN topics for more information:

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