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Let's say that I have a VARCHAR (which contains numeric data) that I want to use for a simple computation (adding 10 to it). According to the MySQL documentation on CAST functions, I could accomplish this with either a CAST or a CONVERT:

SELECT (CAST(field1 AS SIGNED)) + 10
FROM myTable;


FROM myTable;

What is the difference between CAST and CONVERT in this sense? Are they both really accomplishing the same thing?

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Yes, CAST and CONVERT to the same thing, except that CONVERT allows more options, such as changing character set with USING.

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Is there a kind of performance difference o something like that... i meant there's must be a difference.. – user7479 Mar 15 '12 at 22:48

Convert and cast docs. Aside from the syntax I believe they can functionally be considered synonyms, even when trying to change character sets.

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