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Using RDO Connection

Connection String

Set RdoVisPay = rdoVISENV.OpenConnection("VISA", 1, False, "DSN=VISA;UID=sa;PWD=sa;APP=Visual Basic;WSID=" & ServerName & ";DATABASE=" & Database1)

Showing error as "heterogeneous queries require the ansi_nulls and ansi_warnings options to be set for the connection"

How to add the ansi_nulls and ansi_warning Connection in the connection string.

Need Suggestion and Help.

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You can't. They are set per connection, but not in the connection string. So run some SQL after creating the connections


Note though, the error you have is caused by a linked server call from your SQL Server. Depending on how you set this up (say via a stored procedure) you may need to change the stored proc or view, or set the values in the code. Hard to say as it stands.

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How can i add this line in insert query...? – user1157846 Feb 6 '12 at 9:46
@user1157846; no idea. Not enough information – gbn Feb 6 '12 at 9:51

This is a confirmed bug of sql2000.

Check the info about it HERE.

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