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Is there any way to make a maintenance plan check all my databases on a single instance? Is the maintenance plan Check Database Integrity Task enough ?

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Good question. The integrity check in the maintenance plan is enough since it will run a dbcc checkdb. From MSDN:

integrity check

The Check Database Integrity task encapsulates the DBCC CHECKDB statement.

Running this task will be resource intensive. You don't want to do this in prod. servers if you don't have a maintenance window.

The common way is the following:

1. Backup your databases

2. Restore your db's on a test environment

3. Run a dbcc checkdb on your databases.

This way you check your DB integrity and verify your backup.

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@RayofCommand, has already given an appropriate answer, but will like to add more which is very helpful and easy to track for any corrupt databases using SQL Server Integrity Check from ola hallengren.

Is the maintenance plan Check Database Integrity Task enough ?

  1. Well, for this should check some more details on this as explained by Kendra on DBCC CheckDB FAQ: Check for Corruption in SQL Server

  2. You should also set alerts fro any corruption as a proactive alerts as explained here

  3. Last but not least, please refer to this great blog post from @Aaron Minimizing the impact of DBCC CHECKDB : DOs and DON'Ts..

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