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I have just installed and setup replication for 3 MySQL 5.5.20 server( 1 Master/ 2 slaves). I intend to add more slaves to the equation.

Which is the best software tool to monitor the replication status ( like SHOW SLAVE STATUS \G;)

Also i want to know, how much is the replication lagging in time and error reports if there is any error in replication.

Thanks in advance

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You can refer this link as well : stackoverflow.com/questions/8518811/… –  Vanderberge_MySQLDBA Mar 11 '13 at 11:42

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Checkout Percona toolkit. Look at pt-heartbeat, and some of their other tools as well.

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MONyog has Replication tab which shows all slave and master status at a glance along with their topology. It also sends email notification incase replication problem occurs.

enter image description here

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