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In SQLServer 2008 r2. I need to figure for a specific table what FK's in other tables point to it.

I try:


But this does not give me what I need.

Any tips?

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You want to use the management views:




The latter one has column and object IDs for both sides of the constraint, so you can do a query like:

SELECT OBJECT_NAME(Constraint_object_id) as 'ConstraintTable',,
       OBJECT_NAME(Parent_object_id) 'ParentTable',
FROM Sys.foreign_key_columns fk
INNER JOIN sys.columns c1
  ON c1.column_id = fk.constraint_column_id
INNER JOIN sys.columns c2
  ON c2.column_id = fk.parent_column_id
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This link is to a database reverse engineering script that I wrote a few years ago. Amongst other things it has a query that reverse engineers foreign keys. You may be able to get what you want by adapting it.

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