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Hello there database specialists,

I have Bachelor degree and one part of study was database, where I learned about database design, SQL language... and I'm working with mysql, but I decided to be really specialized in this area, so I wanted to do MSc, but I can't find any in Netherlands or in Europe, where education is not that expensive like in USA.

So surfing around I see the oracle education. So the question is: Is there any experience on the oracle education? Did you have something that education? Or you know something beter?

Maybe would be good practice to get master oracle cetrificate like

So I'm searching to become database specialist and I would like to have any suggestion....

Tnx, daka

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Unless you are really looking around for A Master's degree(Post Graduation) Don't go for MSc. just to get specialized in databases. For that as you have mentioned get certified from Oracle, I am sure that will give you a lot more exposure on the Database and you would be moreover a certified Specialist from Oracle. All the Best...!

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