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I have configured log shipping in my primary serverA and secondary serverB.

Everything works fine until I bring the standby database online.

Users are not able to login to the secondary serverB database (which is on the secondary server, which is brought online)

Can anyone help me on this?

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What is the error you are getting,while users are logging in – TheGameiswar Feb 26 at 9:14
logshipping is not server level,may be you gave some one has access primary DB but not secondary ? – TheGameiswar Feb 26 at 9:15
That is classic case of orphaned users. In Loshipping you restore database which only moves users and this causes orphaned users on secondary databases. Run sp_change_users_login @action=report to list all orphaned users of a database – Shanky Feb 26 at 9:30

LogShipping does not replicate server level objects such as logins, so your user will be unable to log in to the secondary server when you switch roles.

You can migrate existing logins using the sp_help_revlogin stored procedure, keeping SIDs and passwords for SQL authenticated logins.

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