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I am trying to import, export SSIS packages. I know they are there. When I query msdb.dbo.sysdtspackages90 I get 22 packages. But when I connect to Integration Services on the server, the stored packages folder is empty. What is going on?

And I have already checked MsDtsSrvr.ini.xml. It is set up with the standard, default settings.

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The packages themselves are stored in the msdb sysdtspackaes90 table.

It’s important to note that the SSIS server isn’t aware of packages stored in the File System until those packages have been imported to the File System folder in the SSIS service.


While the SQL Server Management Studio is shipped using the default folder locations of MSDB and File System, you can freely add new folders to this structure using the Create New Folder option. When you create a new folder beneath the File System system folder, a new directory will be created in the file system. By default, these directories are located in the c:\Program Files\SQL Server\90\Packages directory. Importing packages to a File System folder will result in the package being copied to the like named directory in the file system. For folders that are created under the MSDB folder, a new entry is added to the sysdtspackackefolder90 table that tracks the folder structure. However, it’s important to realize that the packages themselves are still stored in the msdb sysdtspackaes90 table. The Folders option in the SQL Server Management Studio essentially gives you a way to apply and organization structure to your packages, enabling you to group like packages together.

Managing and Deploying SQL Server Integration Services

Anyway, I recommend to install all SPs.

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my friend, what you say is that he can change the folders of existing packages (which you are right), but what he says is that he can't find them physically - although he sees them in the MSDB table, he can't see them while browsing the packages folder in the Integration Service. I believe that he wants a way to recover the packages from that MSDB table to a folder in IS .. :-) – Marian Feb 17 '11 at 22:09
@Marian you guess, I guess – garik Feb 17 '11 at 22:38
@Marian: yes that's correct. Why are they not showing up in the folder in IS? @Igor: that was very helpful, and I really appreciate the information. But Marian is right, I can see them in the table, but they are not there when I browse to them. . . Any ideas? – Richard DesLonde Feb 18 '11 at 0:02

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