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Is there a way to serialize a record/row in SQL? And conversely, to deserialize something that has been serialized.

By serialize, I mean put all of the fields in a record into one field or string.

Preferably with MySQL compatibility.

I am guessing that xml, a udf or sproc might be necessary.

is there a way to use xml or json directly in sql/mysql?


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I feel my answer may lack what you are looking for but with out more context here are a couple options:

  1. Use the mysqldump command.

    mysqldump -u user -pPassword --no-create-db --no-create-info --where="primary_key=N"

will give you a sql insert command which you can use to reconstruct that row.

  1. run a query like

    select * into outfile '/tmp/' from table where primary_key=N

This will create a file /tmp/ in tab separated format. This can be reimported with

load data infile '/tmp/' into table `table`;

If these don't suit your needs please elaborate on your use case on what you are trying to accomplish.

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