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I'd like to restore the PostgreSQL database from a dump. The below command works fine for me:

CALL "%PGBIN%\pg_restore" -c -d NetCatalog %DUMPFILE%

How can I add a few lines to my .bat file to rename the existing NetCatalog to NetCatalog_Old and create a new database NetCatalog before calling the above line?

PS. Is there an argument that allows me to log the restoring process?


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Something like:

psql -U postgres -d postgres -c "DROP DATABASE netcatalog_old"
psql -U postgres -d postgres -c "ALTER DATABASE netcatalog RENAME TO netcatalog_old"

You can redirect the info output of the restore like

pg_restore ... > my_log_file.txt

If you add the "-v" flag you can get more details of what's happening, but probably too much.

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