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I have MySQL Innodb table of 14M rows. There was a column called is_disabled which had different values. By mistake I ran the query without the where clause:

update url_queue set is_disabled=1 

while wanted to run

update url_queue set is_disabled=1 where is_disabled=3;

I havent told my boss yet. And if somehow I can undo this before the meeting I would be able to save my job.

Please help!

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Hopefully you have a backup - if you don't control the backups your gonna have to talk to someone that does sometime soon incase your backups over write themselves. I think you may be able to look at a log file for changes made - but I could be wrong about that. – Jeff Feb 19 '12 at 16:19
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unless you have a delayed replica, the only way to recover your old values is to restore the table from a backup. sorry.

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In my experience, Boss's never like to be kept in the dark. Tell him/her right away, and work together on a recovery strategy. Restore the most recent backup you have to another device, and start examining the table in question. Good luck.

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