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I believe that innodb has a single read thread. However, with MariaDB you can set multiple read threads. I'm unsure what the recommended value would be.


  • Does anyone have any experience with MariaDB and performance tuning?
  • Can you think of any features within MariaDB that XtraDB uses that MySQL does not?
  • Are there any similar settings that can I can use to fully exploit XtraDB and Maria's enhanced functionality?
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InnoDB in Percona Server 5.0.91 and MySQL 5.5.x has three options

These options were introduced in MySQL 5.1.38 InnoDB Plugin

Tuning these will engage more CPUs within InnoDB/XtraDB

I have discussed this in past posts in the DBA StackExchange along with other InnoDB tuning suggestions

Click here for the XtraDB features that the InnoDB Plugin does not have.

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