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I installed Oracle 11g on my computer. When I export data from Oracle 10g, I get the following error code. I have translated the error in parenthesis.

 EXP-00008: 遇到 ORACLE 错误 904  (encouter oracle error 904)
 ORA-00904: "POLTYP": 标识符无效   (POLTYP: is not valid )
 EXP-00000: 导出终止失败           (export fail)

Does someone know why? I believe it is ok to export from Oracle 10g using Oracle 11g client.

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Unfortunately not, you cannot export from a 10g database with the 11g client. You can, though, use a dump file from a 10g database (exported with the 10g client) to import into an 11g database (with the 11g client).

Alternatively you can use the newer datapump functionality, and if you create a database link from 11g to 10g you can even transfer the data directly between them without needing to create an intermediate dump file at all.

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i get it. thanks. i thought it can work. – snow8261 Feb 23 '12 at 8:53

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