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How can we maintain multiple source databases data in a single destination server database in SQL Server 2008? They all are at different networks, if that makes any difference.

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Are those source databases using the same schema and have only different data? If yes, Grant's answer is for you, if not..only a custom made project will do. You might look into SSIS for this option. – Marian Feb 23 '12 at 12:33

Mirroring doesn't work like that. You can't bring multiple databases into a single database. You need to look to Replication, specifically Merge Replication as a solution for this. It can be set up across domains and it's specifically designed to take multiple different databases and bring them back to a single location. Mirroring is for creating a copy, a mirror, of a database. If you have more than one database, you'll have to maintain more than one mirror.

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