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  1. What is your company backup policy? If something happend to your db how to restore it?

  2. What type of clustering present used in your enviroment?

  3. Whis is the best replication? Why?

  4. If sql server want to use more ram? How using AWE?

  5. What is the instance name for default?

  6. Types of Migration pre migration steps

  7. Which sp is used in logshipping? Where is it stored?

  8. If read transatcions are applied it will store in the transation log or not?

  9. If you delete any object? Is it possible to restore it how?

  10. If instance is down? How you resolve that issue?

  11. If the problem is repeated several times? What will you do?

  12. How you will know what are the db's involved in logshipping?

  13. What will you do if primary server fails in logshipping?

  14. What mirroring endpoint? How you will find the all endpoints?

  15. Default endpoint for mirroring?

  16. How to find out the db's are involved in mirroring?

  17. What's the safest mode in dbmirroring?

  18. Can we implement the dbmirroring on system db's?

  19. MSBD mandatory for backups? MSBD purpose? If you delete MSDB instance is running or not?

  20. What's the saragate key?

  21. How will you migrate the jobs from one server to another server at the time of migration?

  22. How many productions, UAT & dev servers present in your environment?

  23. What are the other services installed when you install the sql server?

  24. Login can't access? How can you troubleshoot it?

  25. What's the sp for generate error log?

  26. What are the objects in active directory?

  27. What are tools for performance monitor & performane tuning?

  28. We have one db, one user deletes the information? How to find the user?

  29. What's the proxy server?

  30. How to find the performance issue?

  31. One stored procedure runs good? One is very poor? But two queries getting data from same db? How you will identify performance issue?

  32. What is script for taking all backups?

  33. What's the identity property? How you used identify property for replicaton?

  34. In logshipping how to up secondary servers?

  35. Fragmentation? How to identify it?

  36. Command for tail log backup?

  37. For every min n no. of transactions are occuring? So when the backup?

  38. How do you configuring monitor tool?

  39. When updation & insertion is going on backjob has to wait or not

  40. Command for point time restoration?

  41. I have text document with records can I implement clustered index before/later?

  42. In bulk logged why logs are minimally logged?

  43. In what way windows authentication is safe?

  44. Setup mirroring?

  45. What's the capacity planning?

  46. How much time it will take for backup 500gb db?

  47. Which licence is using in your environment?

  48. Upgradation?

  49. SQL server is stopped, login got expired? How you will troubleshoot?

  50. In simple recovery model, is it possible to take t-log backup?

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@k subra... : what is this..??ask your questions independently (one by one)..? will anybody answer your question if you ask like this..?? –  Abdul Manaf Feb 27 '12 at 10:47
If you are interviewing for dba positions and you don't know most of this stuff off the top of your head, you are not qualified. –  HLGEM Feb 27 '12 at 21:15

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I think the correct answer to most of these is "It Depends"

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