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In Magento, when any customer buys product from front-end, then at last customer goes through order placing.

According to my need, I have created one CUSTOM TABLE in Magento database. So my requirement is that I need to copy same data from Magento which goes in Magento database when we click on Place Order button.

I know it's little complex to understand, so here is the detailed scenario:

  1. When any customer place Order in Magento, then all values (like Customer Name, shipping address, billing address, order no. etc.) are stored in Magento database.

  2. I need that data which store in Magento (MySQL) database after clicking on place order button (Please see diagram 1).

  3. I have created one custom table in Magento And I need to save all data that are going to Magento from Step 2.

  4. Also can anybody give me some idea like how can I customize code or which files I need to update?

  5. Also If anybody knows where should that data goes which is used for placing Order (I mean in which table)?

  6. Or please give me some Magento database ideas, such as how or which files I need to customize for my requirements?

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