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Following a suggestion made to another question to store large amounts of text: can one use a CLOB as primary key field (i.e., from Java's DataNucleus implementation of JDO)?

I know it is probably a very bad idea to use a CLOB as a key, but I do need to use large text as a key on a one-shot operation.

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What RDBMS and version are you running this against? – Simon Righarts Mar 4 '12 at 21:57
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The simple version would be to generate a hash from the CLOB and use this as a key. This key will fit into the allowed key width for your engine (900 SQL Server, 767 InnoDB, 1000 MyISAM etc).

The hash can be generated by the engine as a computed column, trigger, or by some ETL process, or by the application

There is a faint chance of collision (birthday problem) but this would only matter for many records and poor choice of hashing algorithm

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