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How do I drop a schema in db2 if it has got some objects in it? db2 DROP SCHEMA SCHEMA_NAME

For some reason I am not able to drop the tables in the schema, so how can I force to drop the schema itself?

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If there are some objects in the schema, or depend on it.

It is not allowed to drop the schema in db2.

We must drop the objects first. and then db2 "drop schema schema_name RESTRICT"

And there is another way to drop the schema and all objects in it.

ADMIN_DROP_SCHEMA procedure - Drop a specific schema and its objects.


by the way: You need to have sufficient permission to drop object.

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@Nachikethas - here are the links to the documentation for what Peter Ji refered too.… and then… – Chris Aldrich Mar 7 '12 at 13:45

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