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I have 3 servers A, B and C. What I want to do is replicate databases like this A->B->C, where A is replicating DB1 and DB2 to B and B is replicating those same databases to C, but I would also like to add an additional database from B that will replicated to C.

In other words, I want to replicate databases like this:

A (DB1, DB2) -> B (DB1, DB2) + DB3 -> C (DB1, DB2, DB3)

Is this possible?

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ServerB will just replicate all databases to ServerC (ignoring replicate-ignore-db for now). There is no setting that limits ServerC to getting data that exists only on ServerA

That is, A(master) ->B (slave) is unrelated to B(master) -> C(slave) and A and C have no knowledge or replication dependency on each other

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+1 for the simple "Yes" – RolandoMySQLDBA Mar 9 '12 at 16:28

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