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If my recovery model is BULK LOGGED, I'm in a transaction, and I've issued some statements that are minimally logged like SELECT * INTO, will a ROLLBACK undo those minimally logged statements?

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I decided asking here was just being ultra-lazy so tested it myself.

create table tmp_insert_in_txn ( something int not null primary key ) 
begin transaction 
    select 1 as something into tmp_created_in_txn
    -- show the value was inserted
    select something as in_txn from tmp_created_in_txn

    insert into tmp_insert_in_txn  with ( tablock )
    (   something   )
    select something from tmp_created_in_txn    

    -- show the value was inserted
    select something as in_txn from tmp_insert_in_txn
-- no rows after rollback:
select * from tmp_insert_in_txn
-- no table after rollback:
select * from tmp_created_in_txn

This shows that the rollback does remove the table tmp_test and the row from tmp_test2, so the answer is that minimally logged operations are still rolled back.

Hmm... so how come using them prevents the transaction log from getting really big?

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Welcome to any SE site, where Jeapordy Q are just fine. However, there's some rumbling that you've raised more questions with this. I've asked those doing the rumbling to kindly ask you those Q. We shall see. – jcolebrand Mar 13 '12 at 14:45

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