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I understand that the function Populate_Geometry_Columns() inserts records in the geometry_columns table for geometry columns that are not yet listed there. However, an invocation of Probe_Geometry_Columns() reports:

select probe_geometry_columns();
 probed:1086 inserted:0 conflicts:1086 stale:53612
(1 row)

This is after a call to Populate_Geometry_Columns(). Is there an easy/documented way how to get rid of the conflicts and the stale entries?

EDIT: As per Darrell Fuhriman's answer on GIS.SX, there are three ways:

  • truncate the geometry_columns table and rerun SELECT probe_geometry_columns()
  • Run a custom script that operates on PostGis's internal tables
  • Upgrade to PostGis 2.0 or later
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