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Is it acceptable that SQL Server asks for 100GB free disk space to restore a 1GB dump file?

If no, what should be parameterized?

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I am just curious if a tool like Litespeed was used to take that backup. We use Litespeed and our 300 GB database at 4 compression gives us a 35 gig backup file. – RK Kuppala Mar 24 '12 at 12:44
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Yes, it is conceivable. You probably need to shrink the source database files before making the backup. Run sp_helpfile on the source database to see the files and sizes; when you restore from a backup, it will create those files at exactly the same size, though you can move them to different drives/directories.

If the log file or any of the data files are unnecessarily large, you can shrink them, do a new backup, and the restore will use less space. Just beware of performance implications if you get in a continual shrink/grow/shrink process.

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