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Is there any way to generate a report of my database structure using phpMyAdmin? What I would like is a table format like the following, and an Entity Relationship table.

Table name: List
Description: Subscriber list information 

Field           Type        Null        Description
ListID          Int         N   
ListName        Varchar     N   
ListFromName    Varchar     N           Default person represent for the mail
ListReplyTo     Varchar     N           Default return address
ListSubject     Varchar     N           Default subject title of mail
ListRemindSub   Int         N           Whether notify when people subscribe
ListRemindUnSub Int         N           Whether notify when people unsubscribe
ListCreateDate  Date        N   

Table name: Campaign
Description: Mail campaign information

Field           Type        Null        Description
CampID          Int         N   
CampReplyTo     Varchar     N           Specific return mail
CampFromName    Varchar     N           The person represent for the mail
CampSubject     Varchar     N           Subject title of mail
CampFb          Int         N           Whether include Facebook reminder
CampGA          Int         N           Whether include Google Analytic
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You can query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database. – ypercubeᵀᴹ Mar 25 '12 at 20:34
A detail blog: – Suresh Kamrushi Oct 28 '15 at 13:10

select DB, go to export, select tables that you want the structure (top left),deselect "DATA"(middle-center) and select a name and you will be able to export only the structure.

enter image description here

or go to your "database" then "check all" (just below the tables) and change the option from "With Selected:" to "print view". it will show the relations too, and it will looks like this:enter image description here

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DISCLAIMER : I do not use phpmyadmin

From the mysql client, you can run


It will show the table structure and associated indexes

In phpmyadmin, there is a Structures Tab to view the Table Columns

To run the SHOW CREATE TABLE commands I mentioned above, try executing them in the SQL or Query Tab. If phpmyadmin does not like my command line versions of the SHOW CREATE TABLE ... \G commands, then run them in the SQL or Query Tab with semicolons:

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You can also run this in phpmyadmin by first selecting the database, and then clicking the SQL tab. That's a bit easier than exporting the db while unselecting the data section – yitwail Nov 9 '14 at 19:50
  1. You can get that information from PHPMyAdmin by clicking the "Data Dictionary" link at the bottom of the list of tables in the database.

  2. I thought that PHPMyadmin would create an ERD or database documentation, but I cannot seem to find the link. However you can use MySQL workbench ( to generate an ERD by connecting to your database or from an SQL file export

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