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I am newbie to the Mongo.Before this I have worked only with MySQL.In MySQL we can import and export database easily.I want to know is there any option available in Mongo to import and export database easily.Any help and suggestions will be highly appreciable.

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If you look inside mongodb/bin folder (ls -l) You can find a couple of binaries.

The mongoDB has import and export tools.

If you're running mongod locally on the default port, you can just do:

$ ./mongodump

Example: Dumping Everything

$ ./mongodump --host

Example: Dumping a Single Collection

$ ./mongodump --db blog --collection posts

Others like

mongoexport, mongoimport, mongorestore, bsondump etc.

for more

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You can use something like this to export:

mongodump -h yourhost -d yourdbname

And to import, just run:


It is important to remember that mongorestore just insert new documents, but does not update or delete the old ones. If you want to discard your database, you need to use the --drop:

mongorestore --drop

This is how I export and import databases like MySQL.

You can learn more about mongodump and mongorestore here:

mongodump documentation

mongorestore documentation

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