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I deployed Oracle GoldenGate to integrate many-to-one databases. After initial loading everything works fine. Until recently, some of the replicat seem to stuck and do not proceed to change synchronizing.

The number of trial files keep incrementing, e.g up to 85, but as I run info replicat, it shows

Lag 00:00:00 
Time Since Chkpt 04:17:56
Log Read Checkpoint File ./dirdat/t0000062.

I tried to stop the very replicat with stop command, it failed. I tried kill the replicat and re-started it, also the same issue. have anyone run into the same situation and go through it?

PS: When I issue the info all command, every replicat show its status is runing

After half day analysis, I focused the issue on database, the update statement is stuck, it might be caused by deadlock. The bad news is even the statement is generated by GG, the statement is executed by sql server, which part can I put my tuning in?


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It is not very clear what your configuration is. Oracle or SQL Server as Source? Oracle or SQL Server as Target? Have you viewed the logs for the GG process that is causing the issue? For the target database have you confirmed it is a deadlock? – David Mann Mar 27 '12 at 16:24