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Can anyone refer me a good book or a small tutorial for various use cases for database design on MySQL for high load test/high availability scenarios.

It should include the following:

  1. What are the various scenarios/solutions for high availability?

  2. What are the various scenarios for high load and how to cater them based on reliability, response time, throughput etc.

I am particularly interested if someone knows of a practical experience book for both of these cases.

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I read these:

  1. MySQL High Availability
  2. High Performance MySQL

They are good enough.

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High Performance MySQL, 3rd edition, is by far the best book out there on performance and other issues. I have a bookshelf of 20+ MySQL books, some of which deal with performance. None are as clear, insightful or full as this book.

You should also note the 3rd edition has just been published a few months ago, and it is very up-to-date with current MySQL development.

Among other issues, it speaks of:

  • Schema design
  • Indexing
  • Performance tuning
  • High availability
  • MySQL on the cloud
  • Benchmarking
  • Profiling

And lots more. Is is very practical and is based on the experience of its authors as employees/founders of Percona, a MySQL consulting company, as consultants and developers of MySQL and popular MySQL tools.

The MySQL High Availability book suggested in another answer, is centralized around MySQL replication. It is a good book, but does not provide with a thorough review & comparison of available HA solutions. It is authored by developers of Replication within Oracle/MySQL and covers replication in great depth.

There's a High Availability MySQL Cookbook, which provides a good overview of available HA solutions (already out-of-date as of Galera's appearance, and the demise of other solutions). I think it shows the basics well, so you can get the general picture.

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