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On Sql Server 2008, I have Transaction Replication going from Server1 to Server3 (with Server2 as distribution).

I have an option to "Generate Scripts" on Publication on Server1. But I do not have that option to "Generate Scripts" for Subscription on Server3.

But on a different set of servers (Server6, Server7, Server8) with replication I have options to "Generate Scripts" on both Publication and Subscription.

Both are Sql Server 2008, but the later has Sql Serve 2008 R2 on it.

Could that be the reason? How do I get around it?


Edit:Grammar, and more grammar.

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Are these push subscriptions? If so, the Generate Scripts option will not be available on the subscribers. To generate scripts for push subscriptions, right-click on the Publication on Server 1 -> Generate Scripts... The generated script will contain T-SQL necessary to create the publication and the push subscriptions.

Pull subscriptions should have Generate Scripts option at the subscriber.

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Okay, makes sense. I'll check it out. – UB01 Mar 28 '12 at 19:01
You are correct. It is that simple. I was thrown off by Subscription (listings) shown at both Publisher and Subscriber. Also, Generate Scripts is not visible at Subscription level at the publisher. I had to script out the entire Publication+Subscription together. But I am glad know that now. _UB – UB01 Mar 28 '12 at 19:48

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