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I have mysql db named "greats" with four tables as below

| Tables_in_greatstat |
| log                 |
| sitedet1            |
| siteindex           |
| user                |
| whois1              |

Here i have decided to create an mysql user "test" and i want to give the access only for specific table of the db "greatstat". So, May i know how to grant specific table perm for an user in MYSQL ?

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First create the user

GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO test@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'whateverpassword';

To grant only SELECT privilege to the siteindex table in the greatstat database

GRANT SELECT ON greatstat.siteindex TO test@'localhost';

To grant only SELECT privilege to the whois1 table in the greatstat database

GRANT SELECT ON greatstat.whois1 TO test@'localhost';

To grant all privileges to every table in the greatstat database

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON greatstat.* TO test@'localhost';

Please read the MySQL Documentation on the GRANT command.

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Thanks for info. You have say to give table privilege by executing multiple query. But , i want to execute in single query. – Mughil Apr 2 '12 at 10:52

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