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I am aware of the possibility to create my own trigger(ed) solution, but I didn't want to reinvent the wheel :-)

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Berkeley DB's SQL API is completely SQLite compatible and offers HA/replication for high availability. The combination of SQLite's easy-of-use and Berkeley DB's scalability and reliability are a great combination.

Disclaimer: I'm the Product Manager for Berkeley DB, so I'm a little biased. However, one of the main benefits of adding the SQLite API to Berkeley DB is that SQLite applications can now have HA/replication for mission-critical, highly available applications.

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I read from the docs: Only the master node can modify the database. So this is not for me :-( – ralf.w. Mar 9 '11 at 8:10

There is the litereplica

It's exactly an addition to the SQLite3 code. The interface is unchanged so we don't need to change the application code.

It's released under the AGPLv3 and there is also a commercial license.

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