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I have website that save content in various languages. just to display that i have enter to database.

Suppose i copy a French text in sql server table column it will display correct on my website, but when i try to save it through my website to table then it does not save text in same encoding as before insert method.

My question is regarding sql server text encoding format that it use to save such type of multilingual text??

i want convert my text encoding from website to sql server encoded text.

Is there issue of Collation. Database behind a Multilingual User Interface

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One suggestion would be to use nvarchar(n) type column. You can then store UCS2 data in that column. The width of the column can be decided based on the data.

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+1 thanks for your response.. i will try to implement this.. – Niranjan Kala Apr 10 '12 at 5:04

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