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Just want to know about the processes happening in full text indexing. I know by defining the full text indexing for a table, it will index all the words saved in that table.

But i didn't get the use of creating a catalog for a full text index. And how an index related to catalog. Simply what the full text catalog will do in full text indexing.

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From BOL:

After columns have been added to a full-text index, users and applications can run full-text queries on the text in the columns. These queries can search for any of the following:

  • One or more specific words or phrases (simple term)
  • A word or a phrase where the words begin with specified text (prefix term)
  • Inflectional forms of a specific word (generation term)
  • A word or phrase close to another word or phrase (proximity term)
  • Synonymous forms of a specific word (thesaurus)
  • Words or phrases using weighted values (weighted term)

A full-text catalog is a logical concept that refers to a group of full-text indexes. Catalogs makes it easier for maintaining full text indexes.

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I still don't get why it need for, and when I need to put 2 indexes in one catalog vs create separate catalog for each FT index – Mike Keskinov Feb 16 at 16:11

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