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I have a SSRS Report that contains 3 columns: Asset, Project Type and Total Hours. Report is grouped by first level grouping on asset and second level on Project Type. For example, clicking on Asset "ABC" will expand Project Type as "Type1", "Type2" & "Type3" etc.

Now each Project Type has hours such as Type1, Type2 & Type 3 in previous example have respectively as 10,15 & 40 hours. These hours are total in report which is 65 as per previous example.




XYZ TOTAL 108.75

My Question: How can I sort the report in descending order by Hours, keeping the report structure intact?

Let me know for more information.


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I had a comment, but then I re-read your title and replaced it with this. The title confuses me a bit: it says "non-grouped (SUM) column", but from the question I gather the sum in fact is for within the group, right? – Jeroen Apr 22 '12 at 20:56