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I have been given the task of setting SharePoint Foundation 2010 up in work. I have hit quite a few problems (see other questions I have posted), so I decided to start from scratch again. I have installed SharePoint and SQL Server 2008. Now I'm at the step of provisioning the BLOB storage and have the following three queries to run:

use [ContentDbName]
if not exists (select * from sys.symmetric_keys where name = '##MS_DatabaseMasterKey##')create master key encryption by password = N'Admin Key Password !2#4'

use [ContentDbName]
if not exists (select groupname from sysfilegroups where groupname=N'RBSFilestreamProvider')alter database [ContentDbName] add filegroup RBSFilestreamProvider contains filestream

use [ContentDbName]
alter database [ContentDbName] add file (name = RBSFilestreamFile, filename = 'c:\Blobstore') to filegroup RBSFilestreamProvider

The first bit executes without a problem, but the second gives the message:

Msg 5591, Level 16, State 3, Line 2
FILESTREAM feature is disabled.

I have went into the Configuration Manager and checked that FILESTREAM was enabled, which it was. I restarted the service and still get the same message. Even restarting the server totally does not help.

What should I do?

Thanks! Mark

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I would suggest double checking all the requirements for enabling FILESTREAM as per:

How to: Enable FILESTREAM

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