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I can't believe they make it this hard. I am at a loss about how to view the data in my database.

Is there an easy way to see what data is in my tables with pgAdmin III? Alternatively, is there a program that I could use that does not suck?

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pgadmin is disgusting, had to google to find what has to be undoubtably the most common function, what a joke gaaah rantttt – amiawizard Dec 14 '13 at 12:19
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Or, to retrieve all rows, just press the blue data grid.

enter image description here

The tooltip "View data in the selected object" is almost making it too easy.
Try the button with the funnel next to it to retrieve only a selection (for big tables).

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Is there any way to make it not open in a new window? – Dennis May 26 '14 at 19:20
@Dennis: None that I know of. If you want to refresh the already open window just press [F5]. – Erwin Brandstetter May 26 '14 at 21:13

Right click on the table and choose "View data"

enter image description here

For a list of alternatives, check out the Postgres wiki:

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Thank you for your answer. I recently had to switch from MySQL, where I was using MySQLAdmin. My primary use case is for viewing data, and not gathering statistics about performance. pgAdmin III seems to be for a different use case. Thank you for the wiki article, which I looked through. There are a lot there. Do you have a preference? – Alexis K Apr 25 '12 at 15:49

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