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I am using linux platform. I also dump the data into a file and I restore into a server and I ran this command

[root@localhost /]# mysqldump -u root -p fms  < /device.sql

The funny part it keep running and this dump only consist of table data and I see other table data being run when I run this command where is the other table data comes from?

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I think you meant this:

mysql -u root -p fms < /device.sql 

This will import SQL from /device.sql into the fms database

mysqldump only outputs and is not designed to input anything

Doing this

mysqldump -u root -p fms

will echo the mysqldump all all tables currenly in the fms database

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Sorry rolando I got it was my mistake overlook it. – newbie14 Apr 26 '12 at 5:43

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