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I was tracking down some permissions issues on SSRS 2012 and I started looking for the local groups that I am used to seeing for SQL Server. I noticed something I had not seen before, the groups have changed in 2012.

Windows Groups Screenshot

I have checked on some of my other 2012 instances and am seeing similar. Is everyone seeing this?

I have checked BOL but am a finding it a little unclear. I found this information from Bob Beauchemin. It looks like he is seeing the same thing I did.

My question is, does everyone else running 2012 see the same thing?

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Jon, From what I've seen, the local Windows groups are going away in favor of using the NT SERVICE SIDs on W2K8R2 -

HTH, Nancy Hidy Wilson

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That is what I was seeing too but I guess I just didn't find the BOL clear. Maybe I am just tired. :-D. Thank you for the quick reply. – jgardner04 May 2 '12 at 3:29

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