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I am just curious to know what data structures and languages does MYSQL exactly use as back end language? and what does the file format .MYD , .MYI and .frm stand for and how does MYSQL use them?


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MySQL can be compiled in C/C++ and you can download the source code to do so.

At this link, Under the Select Platform ComboBox, Select Source Code and Download it from there

The .frm , .MYD, and .MYI make up a MyISAM table

For example, the user table for the mysql grants is amde up of three files

  • /var/lib/mysql/mysql/user.frm (Table Structure for any Storage Engine)
  • /var/lib/mysql/mysql/user.MYD (MyISAM Table Data)
  • /var/lib/mysql/mysql/user.MYI (MyISAM Table Indexes)
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@RonaldoMySQLDBA thanks for the reply. It was quite helpful. – Rajat Shah May 11 '12 at 16:58

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