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Is it possible to specify the user_id of a user while creating it?

SQL> create user user1 identified by user1;

User created.

SQL> select user_id, username from all_users where username='USER1';

---------- ------------------------------
        72 USER1


Instead of 72, can it be a number that I specify?

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Not in a supported fashion, no.

Why would you care what the USER_ID of a new user was? That would seem to raise a pile of red flags in my mind.

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Even dropping a user that currently has the desired USER_ID does not cause new user creation to use that number. – Leigh Riffel Mar 23 '11 at 17:22

If you want to migrate logins and users from a server to another there should be another way then forcing their ids and names.

In SQL Server for example there is a system stored procedure (sp_help_revlogin) that generates the necessary scripts to migrate users between servers. I don't know for Oracle, but I'm sure someone has met the problem before.

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