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I have set up a predefined replication alert (as outlined here) in SQL Server 2008 and the alert for Replication Warning: Transactional replication latency does not appear to work. This is triggered by error 14161.

I found a number of posts around the web that indicated this was a bug, but the posts were so old, I'm not sure that it is still the case.

Is this still a broken feature? If so, can anyone suggest a work-around?

EDIT/ADDITIONAL INFO: I see there are a number of scripts that have been highlighted in similar questions. To refine my question, I'd like to confirm this is a bug and I am looking for a work around that is rather out-of-the-box... that is, just another way to write the SQL Server Agent alert to get it to work...

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As a work around (and to have more content in an alert), I wrote my own warning system that sends an email.

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