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I'm trying to mass change (120) subscriber passwords. The passwords are stored in table wp_users but I need to change the password based on information from another table wp_usermeta where it has information about what types of users there are.

I've been able to create this:

    UPDATE `wp_users` SET `user_pass` = MD5('default') WHERE `wp_usermeta` AND meta_value LIKE `%subscriber%` 

But I'm lost after WHERE since sql thinks I'm looking for a column called wp_usermeta when its actually a table.

    #1054 - Unknown column 'wp_usermeta' in 'where clause'

Any Ideas? Thanks


    UPDATE `wp_users` 
    SET `user_pass` = MD5('default') 
    WHERE EXISTS ( SELECT `meta_value` FROM `wp_usermeta` 
    WHERE `meta_value` LIKE '%subscriber%' )

But it changed all rows in the wp_users table. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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UPDATE `wp_users` u, wp_usermeta m
SET u.user_pass = MD5('default') 
WHERE m.meta_value LIKE '%subscriber%' 
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Your WHERE clause is incorrect - you refer to 'wp_usermeta' but don't compare it to anything... Do you mean, perhaps WHERE wp_usermeta LIKE '%subscriber%' AND meta_value LIKE '%subscriber%'?

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Perhaps. But It appears my where clause is still looking for a column within wp_users, when actually its not a column. wp_usermeta is a table with a column meta_value. I can't remember how to make it search for meta_value column in a different table. It's been a year or two since I've been in phpMyAdmin ;/ – Gina Jun 8 '12 at 17:24

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