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I have a fact table with the following columns:


Note that neither WorkerName nor OrderId is unique in this fact table. Multiple users could work on a single OrderId Also note that NumberOfPackagesPerOrder only depends on the OrderId, i.e. for every OrderId, the number of NumberOfPackagesPerOrder will be the same.

I am trying to build a cube to report hierarchical report from this data by employee hierarchy:

ManagerLevel1           [Total orders completed] [Total Packages Shipped]

Since multiple workers could work on the same order, I need to avoid double counting PackagesPerOrder for manager levels (non leaf nodes).

How to do this? What MDX Script do I need to properly SUM NumberOfPackagesPerOrder by summing these only after DISTINCTing these by OrderId?

Note1 - the employment hierarchy is defined recursively - the levels are not static.
Note2 - managers, those on a non-leaf nodes, could also potentially ship packages.

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The right approach for the problem is to use many to many relationship in SSAS.

More details here and here

Then no MDX is required.

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