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If just to determine whether a point is within a rectangle,

What is wrong with this query? EXPLAIN SELECT DISTINCT TB.ID, TB.Latitude, TB.Longitude FROM TableBusiness AS TB

WHERE -6.2317830813328 < TB.Latitude AND TB.Latitude < -6.1382169186672 AND TB.FoursquarePeopleCount >5 AND 106.72621691867 < TB.Longitude AND TB.Longitude <106.81978308133 LIMIT 0, 20

It seems that normal index would do fine. After all TB.Latitude and TB.Longitude is indexed.

But then I want to do something more complicated like nearest neighbor search.

Then somebody says that even with spatial index I can't do that. I have to start with a small rectangle, find all points within that rectangle, and then see if I got 20 points, if not, make the rectangle bigger.

If I have to go through all that, why do I need spatial index?

So what's the point of having spatial index?

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