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I have a table to storage GPS coordinates with multiple (~30) inserts per second (from 50 different devices) during 12 hours per day, so the table is growing fast, to improve the SELECT speed I was thinking of create a partition in the table by Date or DeviceID.

In that case I will need to add the partitioning keys as primary keys?, how will that affect the insertion performance?

CREATE TABLE `carlocation` (
  `Date` datetime DEFAULT NULL,  
  `GpsLatitude` double DEFAULT NULL,
  `GpsLongitude` double DEFAULT NULL,
  `DeviceID` int(11) NOT NULL,  

The server is a Dual Core Xeon with 2GB RAM. Thanks.

Update: The queries are like

FROM carlocation
 WHERE ((carlocation.DeviceID = 2) AND (carlocation.Date> '2010-01-01') AND (carlocation.Date< '2010-01-02'))

Always quering for ONE device only, in one or multiple days.

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Very much depends on how your typical query looks like. Could you tell us? – dezso Jun 26 '12 at 12:37
True, updated question. – D.Rosado Jun 26 '12 at 12:49

Your one select needs this "compound" index.

INDEX(DeviceID, Date)

Do you have other queries?

But your question was about PARTITIONing. No advantage, based on what you have said so far.

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